European experience. Representative of Austrian company will tell us about specifics of operating in Georgia

Casinos Austria International in Georgia

Casinos Austria International in GeorgiaRichard Lerner, manager of Casinos Austria International, will share the experience of operating in Georgia, where the company has opened its casino.

Was it easy to start? Is everything good with laws and taxation? Richard Lerner has something to compare with: his company works in many countries all around the world.

Topic of the speech: “Casinos Austria International. Development in Georgian and international markets”

Lerner’s company invested €2.5mln in the construction of casinos in Batumi. It also invested in the construction of the Hilton Hotel and plans to open an amusement park on the top of Anuria Mountain.

Casinos Austria International is a global casino network, operating in 12 countries. The company has 27 land-based and 6 offshore casinos. Each casino has its own conception and takes into account all local specifics.

Casinos Austria provides 4650 slots and 400 gaming tables at visitors’ disposal.

Richard Lerner managed casinos in Hungary, Turkey and Palestine. He has 30 years of experience in the industry, excellent knowledge of the Asian region specifics and is responsible for this sector in Casinos Austria.

Experience of foreign companies in Georgia is one of the main topics of the international forum Georgia Gaming Congress. Representatives of companies from all over the world will tell everything about operating in Georgia. Find out about their experience! We look forward to seeing you in Tbilisi, February 25, 2016.