David Chang bets on third-party app store for better mobile gaming experience

David Chang bets on third-party app store for better mobile gaming experience

Betcade founder and CEO David Chang and CalvinAyre.com’s Rebecca Liggero discuss how a third-party app store can make user experience a lot easier for those who want to gamble on their mobile devices.

How can operators cope in today’s mobile-first world?

David Chang, founder and CEO of Betcade, said people—not just players—prefer an app experience over a browser experience on their mobile devices.

“The interesting fact here is that the aggregate amount of time that is spent on apps surpasses anything that’s done on a browser today. That includes PCs, all devices, which is amazing,” Chang told CalvinAyre.com.

App stores, however, are making it hard for users to find the apps they’re looking for, which is why Chang and his team came up with Betcade, a first-of-its-kind third-part app store for real-money gaming.

“It’s really difficult to discover, download and play your favorite apps on Android, and so Betcade has kind of stepped into this gap by creating the first-ever third-party app store just for real money gaming,” he explained.

Betcade, according to Chang, is a one-stop shop where a player can find all gaming products available in the market today.

“Once you’re in the store, you’re going to find amazing gaming products. You’re going to be able to evaluate, you know, one app versus the other. And you’re going to see a ton of content, and it’s kind of like [an] aggregation of content that I think is really key here, so you’re not going to have to do one-off searches and try to find a bunch of stuff. It’s all going to be in front of you in the store,” he said.

Another issue that Betcade wants to address is payments and how to make it easier for players to get their money in and out of the system.

“One of the fundamental things that I kind of noticed is that we make the gaming community go through so much to actually deposit into these apps, right? And in every other kind of category for entertainment, it’s normally a one-click purchase at this point. So we’re going to add that one-click in-app deposit experience for all the Betcade apps… Because at the end of the day, it’s going to provide users a better user experience and operators are going to see improved metrics,” Chang said.

Chang has a lot of plans for the young company, including adding editor’s choice and staff picks sections in the app, all in the name of improving mobile user experience.

“One of the things that we really, really think about in Betcade is improving user experience,” Chang said.  “All of a sudden, with a store concept, we’re all going to be able to do things like editor’s choice, staff picks. We’re going to be able to see things like most downloaded apps. We’re going to be able to see what other people in the store likes. We’re going to be able to rate apps. So you’re going to have a lot more cues to figure out what content is right for you, which I think is going to really improve apps overall.”

Betcade may be a new player in the mobile gaming market, but Chang said it has already caught the attention of many operators.

“I can’t tell you how many people have just kind of reached out on their own. And we’re talking about the largest operators in the world [that] have said, ‘We love what you’re doing. We want to be in,’” he noted.