Engaging millennials in a better fashion

Davind Chang of Gamblit Gaming on Millennials

Rebecca Liggero interviewed David Chang, CMO of Gamblit Gaming and he talks about millennials and how casinos can engage millennials better. NOTE: At the time of the filming, David Chang was CMO of Gamblit Gaming, he is now Founder and CEO of Betcade

Here the word millennial, and plenty of things come to mind. In the gambling industry, millennials mean a new age group—basically anybody between 15 and 25 today—that companies are wanting to tap into for a while.

“The reason why that’s important is that it’s already about a third of the population. It’s bigger than the baby boomers and the median age is about 25, so they’re already within the kind of gambling age,” David Chang, CMO of Gambling Gaming, told CalvinAyre.com.

Chang said what makes these millennials different from the traditional gamblers is that they are “digital kind of natives.”

“I think it’s a misperception that millennials are not social. I think that they are actually hypersocial, that they are more social than a lot of people because they grew up with all these online tools to be social,” he explained.

This means that land-based casinos need to offer a different kind of social experience if they want to engage these “hypersocial” millennials.

“I think it’s really about trying to offer a social experience, so you have to come up with really, really amazing social things and tie that into some experiences that they are familiar with already,” Chang noted. “Because we know they’re also very digital and mobile-centric, it makes sense to have [a] kind of a social-digital, social-mobile kind of experience.”

Gamblit Gaming recently launched some new electronic games, which Chang said will appeal more to the millennials than to the ordinary gambler.

“We try to practice what we preach, so what we’re trying to do in that method is really give the audience a lot of entertainment upfront because they’re used to playing free games on mobile phone,” he explained. “My past experience in the games leads me to believe that once you have somebody engaged, they’re gonna monetize and we gotta figure out how to monetize… but the first thing that you have to tackle is engagement. In order to kind of attract that kind of audience, we’re gonna have to really kind of flip the equation on its head a little bit and say, ‘What’s really gonna get this person to stop doing all these other things that they’re doing and focus on this for a while,’ and then figure out the monetization method.”