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In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, nu desine’s Diego Alcala-Gaona explains how AlphaSphere revolutionizes the way people—musicians or not—play music.

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Low-key musical accompaniments are no-brainers for card table ambience, but casinos are now boosting live performances to reel in patrons.

Live performances have always lured people to casinos. Potential for revenue from ticketed events—from DJs to concerts and even major productions—is huge, and these performances also ensure that traffic is added to the gaming floor.

In November 2014, Foxwoods Resorts Casino in Connecticut announced it is freeing space on the complex’s gaming floors to give way to non-gaming amenities, such as nightclubs, to keep customers in for longer periods of time.

Another example is the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, which was given new lease on life when Las Vegas’s largest dance venue, Hakkasan, opened in 2013. MGM Grand chief executive Scott Sibella told UK’s The Telegraph the superclub placed MGM back on the map.

The Hakkasan is home to popular DJs, including Calvin Harris, Hardwell and Steve Aoki, among others. Now, if you fancy yourself joining this group but don’t have the skills yet, there’s a cool way to learn how to become one.

AlphaSphere is like a futuristic disco ball, one that is packed with enough technology to make any noob looks like he knows what he’s doing. Diego Alcala-Gaona of nu desine, the company behind AlphaSphere, said the instrument has different sensors to help make music accessible to anyone who wants to be a musician or a DJ.

“You can basically map any sound you want to any one of these pads. You can layer up different songs all the way to the top. You can also modulate different synth sounds so it’s compatible with any kind of music production and DJ software that’s out there,” he told “Anyone can play it basically. That’s the ultimate key. You can start off at any level and you can be, you know, you can basically pick up very quickly.”


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