GigaMedia unveil new ClubOne social casino platform

gigamedia-clubone-social-casinoTaiwan-based online gaming firm GigaMedia says its PerfectPairs subsidiary will debut its new social casino platform at next week’s G2E Asia conference.

The new ClubOne social casino features game genres including poker, mahjong, sic bo, baccarat, roulette and slots, each of which offers a corresponding series of derivative games. The games are fully cross-platform, allowing users the choice of playing by desktop, mobile device or Smart TV.

ClubOne also offers players the ability to customize and manage games to suit their own preferences, including betting rules and payout rates. The idea is to allow players to act as casino owners who can invite social friends to check out their “most unique private social club,” which will have its own private URL. Players can also customize tournaments, including limiting who can participate.

The games will initially be available in both simplified and traditional Chinese language versions, while English, Thai, Vietnamese and additional language versions are expected to debut in Q4 2015. GigaMedia hopes its first effort to promote the developed in-house ClubOne platform will attract some international partners among the G2E Asia attendees.

GigaMedia recently turned in its Q1 earnings report, in which it revealed that this is the first year it has “started to attend the overseas gaming events in order to attract worldwide publishers and expand the Company’s brand exposure.” In 2014, GigaMedia initiated its game development collaboration with studios in South Korea and the company wants to be able to have co-developed games ready for release by Q3 2015.

GigaMedia’s Q1 revenue rose 45.4% year-on-year to $3.2m. The gaming division was up 58.8% to $2.7m thanks to the release of five new mobile games in December 2014 and an RPG mobile game published this February. GigaMedia expects the mobile gaming business to remain stable this year while the social casino business will continue to expand.