666Bet gives customers May 24 deadline for withdrawal requests

666Bet gives customers May 24 deadline for withdrawal requests

Online gambling operator 666Bet666Bet gives customers May 24 deadline for withdrawal requests has released a statement giving customers until May 24 to make a withdrawal request, after which payments will not be processed.

The statement was published by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) on behalf of 666Bet and MetroPlay since the operators are unable to send emails to customers.

“We have made arrangements to enable our customers to withdraw outstanding balances from their accounts with www.metroplay.com and www.666bet.com. All withdrawal requests made since the websites were reinstated are being processed. These will be paid as quickly as possible although it may take longer than the normal three to five day period to process them, as each payment requires manual approval,” said the statement from Metro Play Ltd. “Customers who have not yet made a withdrawal request have until 24 May 2015 to request a withdrawal, although refunds will be made beyond this period. Requests submitted after this time will not be processed.”

UKGC has issued its own statement giving a response to a possible question of what happens next if the customer misses the May 24 deadline.

“As with any other commercial transaction such as buying consumer goods or entertainment, consumers enter into a contract with the operator when placing a bet. We understand that Metro Play Limited are doing all they can to honour their debts, but once the deadline has passed customers will have the normal legal remedies for debt recovery in the courts, under the terms and conditions of their contract with the operator. The Commission does not in any way guarantee funds deposited by consumers or prizes due.”

Customers have been angered by a lack of communication and difficulties in accessing the 666Bet website, prompting the UKGC to issue another statement saying that according to the operator ad third parties, a significant number of customers have been repaid via their Skrill accounts, including some of those whose withdrawals had been pending.

666Bet owner Metro Play added: “As we have only skeleton staff in place, we are unable to provide regular updates or to respond to individual customer queries at this time – all our efforts are focused on enabling and processing refund requests.”