What to expect in Bitcoin Conference Prague 2015?

What to expect in Bitcoin Conference Prague 2015?

Bitcoin Conference Prague 2015What to expect in Bitcoin Conference Prague 2015?: The heart of Bitcoin will beat in the center of Europe will take place in the capital of Czech Republic on the 14th of May— a one-day event bringing bitcoin community from Czech, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, and all Bitcoin enthusiasts of Central and Eastern Europe.

More and more business are adapting to Bitcoin as the primary cryptocurrency in the digital marketplace. Online gambling was one of the first businesses to embrace Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a huge step in the effort to help maximize the online gambling industry market, where the foothold that online gambling gains can stabilize the industry after the revolutionary changes that have expanded the industry so significantly in recent years. The online market stabilization can be bolstered by the incoming stability of the value of Bitcoin, as the acceptance of the digital currency spreads.

Bitcoin Conference Prague will be divided into two parts: an official one and after party sponsored by MoneyPolo. The first part of the conference stipulates a strict dress code, speakers’ performances, unique reports, contract conclusions, business meetings, etc. After the official part of the event, all the guests will be invited to an incredible “Bitcoin-party”, which will last until the morning.

The conference will cover the latest and hottest topics of the year: forecasts, analysis, best deals for work with cryptocurrencies.

There will also be exhibition area, giving participants a good opportunity to get acquainted with the market leaders, innovative products and to obtain first-hand information. Everything that can help your business become more successful will be presented there. Alley of start-ups will provide you with new ideas and new offers.

The conference will be divided into several sections, each dedicated to a particular issue in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Section 1: “Blockchain — Future Prospects”

Section 2: “Bitcoin 2015 — What to expect and what to be afraid of”

Section 3: “Bitcoin Operations”

Section 4: “Regulation”

Section 5: “Bitcoin in Gambling”

For more information, please visit their website: http://bitcoinconf.eu/ or click here to register.