Mike Sexton Calls Out the WSOP; Ty Stewart Responds

Mike Sexton Calls Out the WSOP; Ty Stewart Responds

Poker Hall of Famer and World Series of Poker bracelet holder, Mike Sexton, criticized the World Series of Poker in a post on the partypoker blog and it brought an immediate response from Ty Stewart.

Mike Sexton has called out the World Series of Poker (WSOP), and unlike the time I was called out by Chris Malone in the school playground, after a particularly challenging game of British Bulldogs, they have not backed down. Ty Stewart was reading. Ty Stewart wasn’t hiding.

Mike Sexton Calls Out the WSOP; Ty Stewart RespondsIf you write a blog post you are expecting comments. You want comments. It’s one of the pivotal points of the exercise. You know that people are interested when they take the time to respond. However, when you receive a comment, that is longer than your original blog post, you know you have struck an emotional chord. Sexton hurt Stewart’s feelings, and he let him know about it.

I like it when two stalwarts of the poker community butt heads. It intrigues me. You know that deep down they want to rip each other’s hearts out, but they can’t. They have to show a modicum of respect, whilst at the same time being pissed off. Sexton and Stewart have done this in their glove slapping exercise.

Sexton doesn’t like the November Nine. Join the club. I don’t think I have spoken to anybody outside of the WSOP that does. Another issue that brings a bad taste to his mouth is the sheer number of events that the WSOP now put on, including events outside of the US. He is also slightly irritated by the Player of the Year (POY) race including events held in other parts of the globe.

Sexton writes: “While I do love the WSOP, my concerns are clear to see. They’re attempting to strengthen their bottom line (which we all understand and appreciate), but in doing so, are diluting their product (i.e. The value of the bracelet).

I imagine Stewart sensed an overwhelming sense of hypocrisy with this statement. The type of which would have had him thrusting his head through his kitchen window, and stabbing his heart with a wooden spoon. Poker is all about money. There isn’t a Whole Foods amongst us. Any poker company that says they serve the customer first, and the shareholders second, are not playing with a full deck. That’s not the way our business works. I wish it did, but it doesn’t.

The WPT, and don’t forget that I work for them in a freelance capacity, now host more events than ever before. The official word is because they are bringing poker to more and more people. I don’t think anybody who wins a WPT title, believes it’s devalued, and I certainly don’t think anybody winning a WSOP bracelet will think the same thing.

“I heard you won a WSOP bracelet.”

“Yeah…but it’s not a real one. I only beat 150 players in an event in Melbourne.”

It aint gonna happen.

I love it though.

I really do.

When Mike Sexton puts out a blog post I really look forward to it. He selects controversial topics. He uses his standing in the community to do that. I admire him for it. Bring it on. Let’s have more airing of these types of issues in a public forum.

I also love the WSOP’s attitude. I really do. I don’t know Ty. I haven’t spoken to him before. But I have spoken to Seth Palansky, Nolan Dalla and Jack Effel on numerous occasions. They never hide. They never play dodge ball with my questions. They are men. They act like men. They talk like men.

Keep up the good work fellas.

I want to see more of it.


You can find the poke and subsequent response right here.