Interview with Allan Petrilli on US Market-Opportunities for Affiliates

Interview with Allan Petrilli on US Market-Opportunities for Affiliates

Rebecca Liggero talks to Allan Petrilli of Income Access Group as he talks about the affiliate market in regulated America.

According to Allan Petrilli, the misconception among European affiliates is that there’s real money in New Jersey in the US and it’s just kind of it.

“What we’re trying to get affiliates to understand is, the real money in New Jersey which is casino and poker, we have poker in Nevada as well, which is a little bit smaller and then you have social gaming which is growing worldwide and obviously very big in the US as well. You have fantasy sports, which is huge in the US and you have horse racing which is legal in majority of the US as well. We have a lot of legal betting for the affiliates to promote, but you don’t have to be licensed to do so. In New Jersey, you need to be licensed – it’s a relatively easy process and it’s come a long way over the last year. It has come a long way over the last year.”

Petrilli also suggests that affiliates should start promoting for the preparation for the rest of the US to open up in terms of real money, starting with horse racing and fantasy sports brands which is huge and looking for affiliates to fill the gap in traffic that they have.

“You can get involve in the US market and earn money with other markets and other products that are available out there and continue to make money long-term of those and at the same time you’re building your traffic in the individual states. So once those will be legal, you will be able to put those to real money gambling as well. So there’s a long-term potentials in fantasy, horse-racing and social.”