Peergame announces affiliate program coming soon

There’s been plenty of talk about how Affiliates stand to gain advantages from Bitcoin SV gambling. Peergame is now practicing that age-old motto, ‘show, don’t tell,’ teasing an affiliate program coming soon.

In a blog post, Peergame revealed they will soon be launching a closed beta of the Peergame Affiliate Program. While no date has yet been given, the October 16 blog post teased, “If everything goes accordingly, the launch is happening very soon.”

Using the advantages of the Bitcoin SV [BSV] blockchain, Peergame notes that affiliates will benefit from instant payouts of commissions. “Affiliates simply have to connect their own paymail address to our platform and refer players,” they wrote. “Then, as referees play on Peergame, commissions will automatically be deposited into the connected paymail address in real-time. This system will allow our affiliates to enjoy watching their own pockets grow by seconds without any unnecessary hassle.”

Unlike other affiliate programs, Peergame notes they won’t be calculating commissions based on revenue. Instead, they will offer a wager-share. A wager-share will guarantee our affiliates a life-time of steady profits as long as they have referees playing with us, without the unnecessary worry over negative carryover or referees beating the house.”

Although an affiliate could theoretically check that they are being fairly paid by supervising the BSV blockchain, Peergame is going a step further by building a dashboard. “These transactions, along with many other useful tools and information, will be transparently displayed on the dashboard we have developed to provide for all of our affiliates.”

When the closed beta begins, a launch form will be made available for affiliates to sign-up. Peergame will only ask for a name, email address and source of traffic. Applicants that they approve in the first month of launch will also get a bit of extra money for their trouble. All affiliates during this period will be eligible for a 40% wager-share, which is normally the highest percentage of share we have for the best-performing affiliates,” they note.

We’ll be keeping an eye on their blog to see when the affiliate program officially launches. This is a great opportunity for affiliates to see the advantages we already know are possible with the Bitcoin SV blockchain. The immutable, massively scaling ledger guarantees they will receive fair payment for the referrals they bring, all with the fastest and cheapest transactions possible.