Sarafina Wolde Gabriel talks about the future of affiliate marketing

Becky Liggero with Sarafina Wolde Gabriel on CAI

Vice President of Strategy for Income Access Sarafina Wolde Gabriel believes that affiliate marketers will have an opportunity to increase their influence in 2021. The V.P. was a panelist at SIGMA Europe; describing how affiliate marketers can have a positive influence in the iGaming space. Gabriel took some time out to offer her advice on the future of affiliate marketing, speaking with’s Becky Liggero Fontana.

Becky Liggero with Sarafina Wolde Gabriel  on CAI

Gabriel believes that affiliate marketers need to shift their focus to interactive marketing and engaging their audience. “What’s exciting about affiliate marketing it’s continuously evolving and typically affiliates were seen as a funnel. They’re just funneling traffic from one source to another, whereas now with more interaction the affiliates are actually engaging the audience,” Gabriel said. 

Gabriel thinks that affiliates can be taking a more targeted approach to capture potential customers:

“Before they funnel them through, they can get more targeted and make sure that they’re sending them to the correct places, so you could see more YouTube and video marketing. When we talked about influencer marketing, they’re building communities, they’re building their networks and then they’re trying to get to know exactly what products or services are more suited to them. Rather than just put up a creative or an ad for a brand and just send the traffic, so that’s a big trend that we’re seeing and it’s only just beginning.”

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