Delaware iGaming Revenue Increases 42% in November

Delaware iGaming Revenue Increases 42% in November

The Delaware State Lottery has announced a 42% monthly increase in iGaming revenue as Delaware Park, Dover Down and Harrington drag $184,898 across the cyberspace tables.

Delaware iGaming Revenue Increases 42% in NovemberThe Delaware Lottery is a little like the 1980s pop outfit Yazz.

 ‘We been broken down…and the lowest turn… and been on the bottom line…sure aint no fun….the only way is up baby.”

In Oct, gambling gurus were painting online articles red with news of the demise of the online gambling industry in Delaware. Opening month excepted, revenue had slumped to an all-time low of $130,469, and things were looking pretty lousy.

Fast forward 30-days and great big grins have replaced sour-pussed sags, as The Delaware Lottery very proudly pronounced a Nov monthly revenue increase of 42%. The triumvirate of Delaware Park, Harrington and Dover Downs dragged in a haul of $184,898 – the fourth best performance since opening month teething time back in Nov 2013. It was a much-needed boost for an American online gambling industry that promised Guardians of the Galaxy and delivered The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.

Whilst the news falls on the side of good, great and grand, it’s not the time to get carried away. $184,898 is still a long way off the $240,762 peak that was reached in April, and both Dover Downs and Harrington are bringing in barely perceptible numbers. In fact, Delaware Park carries the weight of two-thirds of the market, with $122,894 coming from their coffers, compared to $31,421 from Dover Downs and $30,582 from Harrington.

Online poker saw a 15% hike in results. $32,814 was siphoned from the Nov grinders (compared to $28,465 in Oct), but it’s a familiar story of sub plots on the difficulties of an online poker community thriving in a goldfish bowl containing less than a million fish. It’s a shame that Santa Claus didn’t drop a signed copy of the Multi State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA) down the chimney of the halls of legislative power – then again it probably would have landed in an open fire and burned to a crisp. There is still no movement on the talk of shared intrastate liquidity as we inch towards a year of discussion on the topic.

Delaware’s results were in stark contrast to New Jersey. November iGaming revenue for the month of November tumbled 8.4% to $8.7m, with online poker rooms earning just $1.87m of that cushion of cash. Casino was down to $6.87m, from $7.5m, but did have to pay out a $1.3m slots jackpot to some lucky punteress.