Andrew Lichtenberger Wins the WPT Alpha8 Las Vegas

Andrew Lichtenberger Wins the WPT Alpha8 Las Vegas

Andrew Lichtenberger defeats Tom Marchese, in heads-up action, to take the first prize of over $2m, the huge trophy, and lots of other expensive pieces of trinketry in the World Poker Tour Alpha8 at The Bellagio, Las Vegas.

Andrew ‘LuckyChewy’ Lichtenberger has won the World Poker Tour (WPT) Alpha8 event at The Bellagio, Las Vegas. He has also won $2.1m, a trophy that will need an outhouse to house it, and a whole host of other rather expensive gadgetry that will no doubt end up in a charity shop somewhere.

Andrew Lichtenberger Wins the WPT Alpha8 Las Vegas
[Image Credit: WPT]
Looking at the snapshots of the winner, one can be forgiven for thinking that Lichtenberger had dropped a few tabs of acid, and wandered onto the set of The Hobbit. He looked like a cross between a wizard and an elf. I mean come on. What chance did Tom Marchese ever have against the combined might of a wizard and an elf? And that’s before you consider that vegans don’t hold much love for cheese – even if it is big.

Back in the summer I sat down with the Zen Master to talk about life. Lichtenberger was floating on air in the same way that Legolas moves through the snow without leaving any footprints.

“My body was in a degenerative state, “ said Lichtenberger,” I needed to do something about it before it was too late.”

He is the poster boy for the new cool in poker. It’s not the sharp edges of technicality that separates Lichtenberger, Tom Marchese, Brian Rast, Noah Schwartz, Jason Les, Phil Laak, Brandon Steven and Bryn Kenney. It’s work in the areas of mind, body and soul. The areas that Lichtenberger has been working on to devastating effect in the past 12-months.

He started the year with a second to Paul Volpe in a side event at the WPT LA Poker Classic, came third in a WSOP event in the summer, and runner-up to David Sands in a $50,000 Super High Roller at the Aria in Nov. Now he has won the biggest event of his career. All the time caring about nothing but those around him. After a victory like this, most people head to a nightclub, buy bottles of champagne big enough to sink the Titanic and practice their lines off the bodies of women to perfect to picture.

Luckychewy will just go for a hike.

WPT Alpha8 Las Vegas Final Table

1st. Andrew Lichtenberger – $2,104,245

2nd. Tom Marchese – $1,240,965

3rd. Brian Rast – $755,370

4th. Noah Schwartz – $539,550

5th. Jason Les – $431,640

6th. Bryn Kenney – $323,730

7th. Brandon Steven – $0

8th. Phil Laak – $0

The WPT Alpha8’s next stop will be Florida 17-18 Jan 2015.