PokerTube to Launch Exclusive 2015 Natasha Sandhu Calendar

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PokerTube have joined the calendar business with an exclusive launch of the Official 2015 Natasha Sandhu calendar, set to be given away as part of their Santa’s Sack promotion.

PokerTube to Launch Exclusive 2015 Natasha Sandhu CalendarWith the New Year hiding around the corner there really is only one thing to think about. What type of calendar are you going to use for 2015? Are you going to go for a Cristiano Ronaldo calendar, National Geographic’s Funny Animals calendar, or the ever-popular Nuns Have Fun calendar? The computations are mind-boggling.

But we are poker. We don’t want any of that footballing, or animal crap, and there is no way that nuns have more fun than Dan Bilzerian. But whose mug do we want to wake up to for the forthcoming 365 days of 2015? Patrik Antonious? Martin Jacobson? Mike Sexton?

PokerTube have completely ignored the never-ending line up of smoldering poker manliness and instead believe the poker community would rather see the female form. I think these guys have their finger on the poker pulse.

The poker media website have announced plans to launch the Official Natasha Sandhu calendar. (One assumes the insertion of the word official means there are several unofficial Natasha Sandhu calendars in circulation…ooh er!).

Sandhu was unveiled as PokerTube’s new host back in April, but her moments in front of the video camera have been scant. In an exclusive interview with yours truly Sandhu told me that she felt extremely nervous when the camera started rolling, and was much more comfortable being on the end of still photography, making her a perfect fit for a spot of calendar work.

PokerTube to Launch Exclusive 2015 Natasha Sandhu CalendarThe Retford girl has set sail on a new adventure after splitting up with her long time partner Sam Trickett. The man who has won more live tournament dollars than any European alive, or dead, said on his personal blog: “We have only known each other, and now, we have to learn how to be alone. After 10-years of companionship, Tash and I have decided that it’s best we go our separate ways.”

Sad news for Sandhu, terrible news for Trickett, and great news for lovers of calendars all over the globe. The calendar shows Sandhu modeling a wide range of sexy outfits, including the Easter Bunny, a black stocking wearing witch, and a sexy Santa outfit. The bad news is the calendar is not on general release. If you want to get your hands on a copy then you need to take part in PokerTube’s Santa’s Sack promotion, so get Googling.

“I am really proud of the calendar and love the way it looks. It’s been great fun producing it with the guys at PokerTube and I hope people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it,” Sandhu said.

If you don’t have the patience to wait, or can’t be bothered entering the Santa Sack Promotion then here is a sneak preview of the type of wonderful photography that you can expect to see in the forthcoming release.

On a personal note I think the color is amazing…I wonder what camera that guy uses?


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