Natasha Sandhu: The Latest Face of PokerTube

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Natasha Sandhu: The Latest Face of PokerTube Audio

image copyLee Davy sits down to talk to the delectable and delightful Natasha Sandhu to about her new role as the host of PokerTube.

The world of sideline reporting has seen a few changes this week. On one hand the poker world waves bon voyage to the extremely talented Kristy Arnett as she leaves the PokerNews team after four-years in the role.

And on the other hand we get to say a big warm welcome to Natasha Sandhu as she joined the team at PokerTube as their new host, and I am delighted to welcome her onto the show to talk all about it.

How did you land this gig?

“We have been following each other on twitter for a while. They were always re-tweeting me and getting involved in my tweets, and eventually they messaged me and said they were interested in working out a professional relationship. I was interested with what they had to say and it went from there.”

Is presenting something you have always been interested in pursuing, or did the call come completely out of the blue?

“It came completely out of the blue. I am not going to go around saying I am great at this. I am a really nervous person and have a lot of learning to do. I feel good if I don’t know the camera is on but when it comes on I do get so nervous. I explained this to them and they understand that.”

You have been in and around the business for a few years now. Have you been drawn to any host/sideline reporter in particular? Someone you aspire to be as good as?

“I absolutely love Kara Scott and think she is amazing. She is so lovely on and off camera. She is a natural and has such a confidence about her. When I went to the Premier League I spent a lot of time with her and could see how hard she works.”

What can you learn from her?

“Just how natural she is and how loved she is from all of the poker players. She is well respected within the poker industry and I feel like I am a little bit misunderstood. Hopefully, this role will be able to give people a little insight into who I really am.”

How important is it to stamp your own personal identity on the poker world?

“It’s really important to me. Quite a lot of people just see me as Sam’s fiancée, especially when I travel with him, and I want to show people that I am not just Sam’s fiancée – I also have something to contribute.”

So your trips with Sam are now working trips?

“I think it’s really good for me and Sam because he likes me to go with him so we can spend time together, but when he plays it can get very lonely. I spend a lot of time in the hotel room, go to the gym on my own, and eat alone, but now I have purpose and something I can do for myself whilst he is playing. He also doesn’t have to worry about me being lonely because I will have my own work to do.”

 You have shot your first VLOG. When it comes to being a host – what comes naturally to you?

“The pictures are the easiest because I love taking photographs. I was really nervous that first night. Once I did the first bit of talking on camera it became a little easier. I will feel more comfortable in front of the camera over time.”

What are your fears around the job?

“It’s just my nerves. Which I know I can overcome. Even when I talk more assuredly on the camera I am fiddling with my fingers, and over time I hope that will change and I will be more confident. I am confident away from the camera, so I just need the experience. Everyone was happy with it so I am sure it will only get better.”

Do you feel any additional pressure because you are engaged to one of the world’s greatest poker players?

“Not really. I don’t feel pressure from anybody. This is just supposed to be fun and people should enjoy it. I want them to be relaxed when watching me so I don’t feel a huge amount of pressure. I need to be relaxed whilst doing this.”

How are you going to feel if and when you have to interview Sam?

“It will be worse because I know him. I was playing him my VLOG before I sent it off and he couldn’t stop laughing – not in a bad way – but because he kept saying it was cute. He said he couldn’t take me seriously because I am his fiancée so I think he will make me feel even more nervous because he will keep laughing at me.”

Anyone else you would like to interview?

“I always love listening to Phil Laak and Phil Hellmuth. I would also love to interview Phil Ivey, and have always liked Ivey. I think a lot of the high profile poker players are very interesting and they all have a story to tell.”


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