Kristy Arnett Leaves the PokerNews Team

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kristy-arnett-leaves-pokernewsKristy Arnett leaves PokerNews after four years as one of their most popular sideline reporters, videographers, writers and anything else the team needed her to do.

How difficult is it to leave your comfort zone and step into the world of the unknown?

That’s exactly the question that has been at the forefront of the mind of Kristy Arnett after coming to the decision to leave her position with PokerNews after four magical years in the job.

She may not be able to wink, she may suffer from bouts of anxiety, she may turn bright red when a drop of alcohol passes her lips; but she is a kick ass sideline reporter, very interesting, sexy, sassy and superlative pro – and she is going to be sorely missed from the PokerNews crew.

“I have decided to leave my full time position at PokerNews,” Arnett explained in a prepared video explaining her decision to leave, “I am full of excitement for the mystery of what’s to come, but I also leave with a heavy heart.”

Arnett went on to explain that she fell in love with poker over a decade ago and doesn’t have plans to leave the industry anytime soon, sparking off rumors that she may be ready to give playing a serious shot.

She is a former student of Andrew ‘Baluga Whale’ Seidman and her accomplishments include a MiniFTOPS heads-up title for $31.3k, and recently starred in the Poker Night in America televised cash game.

The yoga and fitness nut has every attribute to represent one of the top brands in the game and I for one think her decision to leave, and to pursue her other dreams, is a bold and brave move, but very definitely the right one.

There has never been a better time for female poker players to prosper, and who knows maybe Kristy Arnett will find herself on the other side of the mic sooner than you think?


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