Jilli The Poker Playing Pooch Passes Away; Dan Bilzerian Bluffs JRB off Half a Million

Jilli The Poker Playing Pooch Passes Away; Dan Bilzerian Bluffs JRB off Half a Million

The poker world says goodbye to its only poker playing pooch, and Dan Bilzerian bluffs Jean-Robert Bellande off a half a million dollar pot, before heading to the silver screen for his role in The Equalizer.

Jilli The Poker Playing Pooch Passes Away; Dan Bilzerian Bluffs JRB off Half a MillionThe world of business invests millions of dollars trying to figure out the secrets of social media viralocity.

I don’t know why they’re wasting their money.

All you need are cute animals, a lot of guns, naked women, and a Grizzly Adams-style bear.

It worked for Jilli the Dog and it worked for Dan Bilzerian.

Jilli the Dog, the world’s first poker playing pooch, died at home with her owner, Rick Caran, on Friday. OnlinePoker.net claims that the 17-year old former stray (that’s 84-years old in human years) died of natural causes.

The talented terrier has made appearances on TV shows all over the world, has her very own website, and is The National Goodwill Ambassador for Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue.

During an interview with News12, Caran told the show, “I had to look for a game where she didn’t have to hold the cards.”

Sound ideal.

Caran’s love affair with Jilli began 16 years ago when he rescued her as she ran through traffic in Huntington. She wore no discernible means of identification and so Caran took her home, looked after her, and turned her into a worldwide star.

Here is Jilli the Dog showing Byron Kaverman how to pick the pace up.

And here she is showing Jason Mercier how to dunk.

I think I will ask Daniel Negreanu if Jilli qualifies as a future Poker Hall of Famer.

Dan Bilzerian Also Dies (Sort of)

During a tete-a-tete as this year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP), Jean Robert-Bellande, was telling me that he finds it difficult to keep his fans into the loop on his financial matters these days because of the privacy requirements of those he plays with.

Thank God for Dan Bilzerian.


A half a million pot?

I think you’re going to have to find a new marketing angle JRB.

Bilzerian has plenty to laugh about as well. The man with more firepower than the Russian army has recently signed a deal with BGO Entertainment, where he will front a £15 million advertising campaign with Verne Troyer, and he’s also hitting cinema’s around the world where he plays a member of the Russian mob in the Denzel Washington hit The Equalizerthe movie based on the 1980s TV series of the same name (although the casting director had a bit of an off day when comparing Denzel Washington with Edward Woodwood).