Byron Kaverman: Talking Profits, Backing and Liverpool FC

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Byron Kaverman: Talking Profits, Backing and Liverpool FC Audio

The first time Byron Kaverman popped up on my radar was in September 2011 when he made a deep run in the WPT Grand Prix de Paris. He finished fourth in that event, and he really impressed me. Not just his poker playing ability, but also the way he handles himself.

Byron Kaverman: Talking Profits, Backing and Liverpool FC

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Easy going, fun and very approachable, Kaverman is a poker writers dream, and his results since that close run thing in Paris have been exceptional. Big six-figure take home pay in each year since Paris, but does that necessarily equate to a profit? Kaverman is one of the most active players on the live tournament scene. Do the wins outgross the costs?

“I have done alright the past year or so, but I think that just makes be even. Live tournament poker is a very high variance game, and you need to bink some big scores to turn a profit at the end of the day.

“The travel expenses really add up especially in Europe. I have a backer…a business guy from the States, so I have a pretty good situation, and I hope it’s just a matter of time before I bink one of these.”

So Kaverman has a backer, but does he think that these relationships are pivotal for a successful poker career these days?

“Not necessarily, but a lot of people aren’t managing their money the best. They run up a lot and go on downswings when backing people and the money goes quickly. The buy-ins are getting bigger and the money is going quicker.”

For all Kaverman’s success ($1.7m in three years) he still hasn’t recorded a major victory. What has been his biggest disappointment?

“The €25k High Roller at the WSOPE hurt the most. I finished 11th and they paid 9. To get into the top three in that would have been great, but my good friend David Peters finished fourth so that was good.”

So what does Kaverman get up to in the short periods of time that he spends away from the live tournament circuit?

“I am looking forward to getting back to the US and seeing friends and family that I don’t see often because of poker. I also love my football and am a Liverpool fan. When I was growing up the team I played for reminded me of Liverpool so that’s how I became a fan. I have still not managed to get to Anfield to watch a game though. That would be special.”

Top bloke, top talent, crap choice of football team…two out of three aint bad son.



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