Smart Live Gaming Infographic: UK Women better gamblers than man

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Smart Live Gaming is a UK facing online gambling operator that takes pride in understanding their customers and catering to their specific needs. In an effort to become more familiar with the demographic that makes up their customer base, Smart Live Gaming conducted research using their own database with results that paint a clearer picture of their UK customers’ behavior.

The findings of Smart Live Gaming’s custom research can be divided into three main categories by location, age and sex:

The most volume

Not surprisingly, the city from which the largest amount of Smart Live Gaming’s customers come from is London (28%) followed by Birmingham (14%) and Manchester (10%). Most customers fall between the age brackets of 20-29 with the 30-34 bracket a distant second. Male players dominate by far, making up 86% of Smart Live Gaming’s database leaving a mere 14% as females.

The most spend

Again, not surprisingly, London based players wager the largest amount of money when they gamble at Smart Live Gaming. Customers aged between 40 and 44 wager the most and females wager slightly more than males.

The most successful

Believe it or not, Liverpudlians are the most successful gamblers at Smart Live Gaming, despite the fact that they only make up 5% of the database. The most successful age bracket is 40-44, with a sharp drop off at 45 and above. Even though they only make up 14% of the database, the Smart Live Gaming females are more successful gamblers than the males.

After studying these results, perhaps there is opportunity for online gambling operators in the UK to market products (other than bingo) to the females for a change, especially now that we know Smart Live Gaming’s females spend more and are better gamblers than men.

SLG UK Gambling Performance Comparison Infographic

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