Norwegian Poker Players Targeted in Armed Raid

Norwegian Poker Players Targeted in Armed Raid

Norwegian Poker Players Targeted in Armed Raid

A group of Norwegian poker players have been targeted in an armed raid during a home game in Hogdal Bygdegard in Sweden.

“It is quite obvious that the criminals knew the poker game was playing for money and they planned to rob it,” said the head of the police investigation in Stromstad, Sweden, after 15 people were robbed at gunpoint in a poker game.

No shit, Sherlock.

You have to feel sorry for the Norwegian poker players. The ridiculous decision made by the Norwegian government to ban live poker, means the Vikings have to travel far and wide to get their fix.

They even have an annual Norwegian Poker Championships that is held anywhere but Norway. This year the event was held in the CityWest hotel in Dublin, Ireland, and only players with a Norwegian passport can play in the event.

It seems a group of around 15-players decided to make the short journey to Stromstad, in Sweden, to play in a local home game with disastrous results.

According to several Scandinavian online news outlets, the game was being held at Hogdal Bygdegard farm, when four masked men ransacked the joint at 01.30 a.m. on Friday, armed with various shooting implements.

Reports suggested that the players were forced to lie face down on the ground as the gang – whom the Swedish police cleverly deduced had deliberately targeted the game – stole their wallets, phones and watches.

At the time of writing, there have been no arrests and that might very well continue as the local Stromstad police seem to have their hands full after several body parts have just been discovered in the small city.

It’s all kicking off.

Despite Norwegian players being banned from playing live tournament poker on their own soil, they have still produced a quality poker player or six with Thor Hansen, Annette Obrestad, Andreas Hoivold and Johnny Lodden all hailing from that part of Scandinavia.

November Niner Felix Stephenson – who last week signed a sponsorship deal with Betsafe – is also a Norwegian and plans to be the first European player to win the WSOP Main Event since Pius Heinz back in 2011.