Data Mining Software: 888poker has a Change of Heart

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888poker-has-a-change-of-heartData mining software is once again approved for use on 888poker after the online poker giant agrees to a mutually acceptable way forward with Sharkscope.

888poker, and the data mining site Sharkscope, have kissed and made up after 10-months of standing on opposite sides of the dance floor with folded arms.

Back in June 2013 888poker took the very positive step of banning Sharkscope activity on the site in a bid to increase the protection of their recreational player base.

Commenting at the time an 888poker spokesperson stated that it: “does not give permission for any data mining sites to access our poker room, and we actively enforce this policy. Data mining is a violation of our EULA (End User License Agreement) and copyright law.” 888 said its policy was intended to “protect game integrity” by preventing tracking sites from “providing data on your game play and potentially selling it on to third parties.”

A very disappointed Sharkscope urged players to deluge 888poker with a flood of complaints and it seems the persistence has finally paid off albeit with a caveat thrown in for good measure.

The new relationship between the two parties will be based on an automatic ‘opt-out’ system, meaning unsuspecting recreational players will be protected until they choose to ‘opt-in’ and share their results with the world.

The arrangement is not a ground breaker as PokerStars also negotiated a similar deal back in 2012, but it is one that seems to make both parties happy, as is proven by the 888poker banners that are now flying in the wind over at Sharkscope towers.


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