Denmark orders ISP to block five unregulated sites

denmark-flagFor a country that was one of the first to embrace online gambling in its shores, Denmark seems to be doing a decent of job cracking down on what it considered as unregulated online gambling sites.

Quite happily, the Danish Gambling Authority recently instructed Internet service provider Three to block five suspected sites, which have been named to include,,, and

Turns out, these five sites aren’t licensed by the Danish government and worse for them, they were already warned by the authority to stop operating in the country lest they feel the wrath of getting blocked out of a market that doesn’t have any shortage of online gambling options for its residents.

This isn’t the first time the DGA has taken this step to request a block on unregulated gambling sites, or at least what it deemed as such. Back in 2012, the DGA imposed blocks on 12 gambling firms lacking official Danish online gambling licenses, most notably Betclic Everest subsidiary Bet-At-Home and several Playtech-powered sites, including Titan Poker.

So clearly, the DGA already knows the go-around on the measures needed to prevent unregulated online gambling sites from operating in the country. Not surprisingly, Internet service provider Three was once again the recipient of the city court of Frederiksberg’s latest injunction same as it was back in 2012. With this new injuction, Three is now forced to once again take the necessary steps to ensure that none of the five blocked sites can finagle their way into the country again.

Three really has no choice but to comply again, anyway. It’s got two weeks to do so, although it’ll probably take the company a lot sooner than that to act on the DGA’s orders.