Steve Watts on the Difficulties of Keeping Trim on the Poker Circuit

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Steve Watts on the Difficulties of Keeping Trim on the Poker Circuit Audio

Lee Davy sits down with the British poker pro Steve Watts to talk about the difficulties of keeping fit and healthy whilst traveling the world on the poker circuit.

Steve Watts on the Difficulties of Keeping Trim on the Poker CircuitIf you was going to create a cast for a modern day Only Fools and Horses then there would have to be a character called Steve Watts.

The man is an absolute geezer.

The former model, professional footballer, (nearly) pop star and now professional poker player is one of the characters of the European poker circuit and he had the run of his life at last years World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event when he finished 59th for a lifetime best score of $123,597.

We caught up with the flat cap and man bag to ask him how he managed to get such big arms, and this is what he had to say.

Is it true that you have worked on getting your arms bigger so you can fit more WSOP bracelets over them this summer?

“I used to prefer playing in the Venetian events because you get much bigger stacks and that suits my game more, but this year I am going to be proper bracelet hunting and playing a lot more WSOP events.

“I am going out there with Joe and Benny Laming, and Chaz and Sunny Chattha. We are going to stay at Palms Place. They have a spa there so we can chill and it’s right across from the Rio.”

So what are you doing when you aren’t playing poker?

“I have been playing a bit of football. I’ve scored one in two, and got to a cup final, so I do like to play football when I’m not playing poker. Overweight yes, but still banging in the goals. The knee seems to be holding out so I’m thinking of getting a little fitter to maybe play a bit more next year, because this poker lark can put the weight on and I need to lose a few stone.

“I have been playing for my mates side which is a good Saturday league level. So they are all aged between 18-27 and they are all quicker than me. I was always good in the air so for me to be effective I need to be scoring from corners and set plays. I don’t really give the ball away because nobody can get around me.”

So why aren’t you in shape?

“It’s the traveling. You get your stuff packed and get on the plane, they serve you food, you get off the plane and you get to the hotel and everyone is eating out, drinking alcohol, then eating kebabs late at night and then sleep. Then wake up and instead of going to the gym to burn it off, we sit at the poker table for 12hrs, drink a lot of sugary drinks to keep yourself awake, eat more crap and go back to the hotel, feel like you haven’t eaten anything, eat more and then go to sleep. You don’t burn any calories off sitting on your arse mate.

“When I’m home I eat salad, some fish do some weights and a bit of cardio, but when I come out here it all goes out of the window really.”


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