Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly bets $13 million on the Broncos

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its-all-about-the-benjamins-for-money-mayweather-sideFloyd Mayweather Jr. is at it again. Just in time for the biggest sporting and betting event of the year, the pound-for-pound king is reportedly putting his money, and a huge chunk of it, on Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Put out a number on the biggest amount you’ve ever bet and it still wouldn’t come close to how much money Floyd is putting on the line for Super Bowl XLVIII. Numerous reports – or tweets – have indicated that Floyd is betting a staggering $13 million on the Denver Broncos, $10.4 million of which is going on the Broncos -2 and $2.6 million on Broncos -1/2 1st Half.

According to the Twitter account of Vegas Gambling Steam, Floyd divvied up his bet 11 different ways, using seven different shops and four offshore accounts to reach that total. That makes some sense because we doubt any single sports book would take a single $13 million action on one bet, even if its the Super Bowl.

In any case, that’s a lot of money any which way you look at it, but if there’s anybody who can bet that much money and not even lose sleep on the possibility of losing it.

Everybody knows Floyd loves to gamble and his well-documented history of splurging millions on basketball and football games is something that he even has no problem flaunting on social media. That’s the life “Money” Mayweather lives when he’s not laying waste to fools out on the boxing ring.

Then again, $13 million is still $13 million and anybody who has that much money on the line has every right to sweat it out while watching the game. Even if you’re the man everybody calls “Money”.



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