PartyPoker Premier League VII: Scott Seiver Wins The Final Heat and Jason Koon Takes the First Play Off Match

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PartyPoker Premier League VII has reached the business end of the competition with Dan Colman, Jeff Gross, Sorel Mizzi, Brian Rast and Jason Koon now waiting for the winner of the Jonathan Duhamel v Scott Seiver play off contest to fill the last remaining final table spot.


There is just one more seat to fill in the PartyPoker Premier League VII as the action in the heats comes to a close with a thumping victory for Scott Seiver. Dan Colman, Jeff Gross, Sorel Mizzi, Brian Rast and Jason Koon have already secured their places and wait patiently for the winner of the Scott Seiver v Jonathan Duhamel play off, to see who will join them at the final table.

In the meantime let’s take a look at yesterday’s action.

It has been a torrid Premier League for Vanessa Selbst, and it ended in the worse way possible after Scott Seiver presented her with the bagel that nobody wants to eat.

Seiver setting a trap by limping into the pot with pocket aces, Jonathan Duhamel made the call in the small blind before Selbst moved all-in holding ace-jack from the big blind. Seiver had snared her, Duhamel folded and Selbst would end the contest at the foot of the table.

Jeff Gross was all but certain to find a seat at the final table but he didn’t make it easy on himself when he was eliminated in seventh place for just one point.

Once again it was Seiver with the scalp: AK v AJ and the better hand held. Despite that early exit Gross would finish in second spot to make his way to the final table.

The reigning champion has to relinquish his title after being eliminated in sixth spot. Once again Seiver was the hatchet man, and once again it was those pocket aces; Dan Shak finding pocket tens and had to settle for three points.

The Magician couldn’t conjure up any tricks that were going to see him make a magical appearance at the final table. He did pick up $10,000 and five points after becoming another Seiver victim in fifth spot. The man on the heater opening with [Kc] [Qc], Antonio Esfandiari moved all-in holding [Ks] [4s] and Seiver called to take it down.

Sorel Mizzi’s fourth place exit was enough to secure his place at the final table after finishing in third spot overall. Brian Rast opened to 27,000 with [Ts] [9s] and Sorel Mizzi called with [Jc] [Td]. The flop was [Th] [9h] [2h] and Mizzi check-raised all-in; Rast made the call and the two pair held.

Jonathan Duhamel busted in third place, but it was good enough for a playoff spot. Rast called from the small blind and Duhamel checked in the big. The flop was [8d] [3c] [2d] and the pair got it in with Duhamel holding [Qh] [8c], for top pair, and Rast holding [Ad] [4d] for the wheel draw and backdoor flush draw, and it was the latter that got there.

So that left Scott Seiver and Brian Rast in heads-up competition and Seiver took it in the following fashion.

Seiver called with [Qs] [6s] in the small blind and Rast checked with [Tc] [7d]. The flop was [As] [8s] [Th], Seiver bets 60,000, Rast moved all-in and Seiver called. It was a pair for Rast and flush draw for Seiver. The fifth spade appeared on the river and it was good enough to see Seiver facing Jonathan Duhamel in the play offs; Rast will also make the final table after finishing in fourth.

Final Heat Standings

1st. Dan Colman 37 points (Qualified)

2nd. Jeff Gross 37 points (Qualified)

3rd. Sorel Mizzi 33 points (Qualified)

4th. Brian Rast 31 points (Qualified)

5th. Jason Koon 29 points (Play Offs)

6th.  Jonathan Duhamel 26 points (Play Offs)

7th. Scott Seiver 25 points (Play Offs)

8th. Daniel Cates 24 points (Play Offs)

9th.  Antonio Esfandiari 20 points

10th. Phil Laak 19 points

11th. Dan Shak 10 points

12th. Vanessa Selbst 9 points

Jason Koon Defeats Daniel Cates in the First Play-Off

Jason Koon picked up the fifth final table berth with a 2 v 0 win in the first best of three play off matches against Daniel Cates.

The first match went the way of Koon after he called an all-in holding [Qd] [Jh], against the [Ah] [Kd] of the Jungleman. A queen on the flop reversing the fortunes and Koon had the early advantage.

Then 18 hands into the second match it was all over. Koon getting it in with [Ah] [7s] versus pocket fives of Cates and an ace on the flop saw Koon advance and Cates was out.

The final remaining playoff match sees Scott Seiver face off against Jonathan Duhamel for that last remaining final table seat, and it will commence later today.

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