Betfair Roll Out ‘Lets Play NJ’ Slogan Ahead of US Launch and Channel 4’s UK Customers Up in Arms About UK Advertising Deal

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betfair-roll-out-lets-play-nj-sloganBetfair have rolled out a new ‘Lets Play NJ’ slogan in a series of advertisements pre-empting their return to the US market, and UK punters are up in arms over the proposed Channel 4 Racing adverts.

The online gambling news is going to be smoking hot during the run up the 26 Nov launch of real money online gambling in New Jersey, and the UK betting exchange Betfair has just thrown their hat into the ring.

In the past week alone we have seen the partnerships of Borgata/bwin and Golden Nugget/Bally’s receive their licensing paperwork to begin operations in New Jersey once the online floodgates open on 26 Nov, but Betfair can’t be bothered waiting for all that officialdom, as their marketing department have seemingly been given carte blanche to just get on with it.

Betfair have created splash pages for and that invite potential punters to leave their e-mail address after answering a series of questions that could be answered by a 2-year old child.

The slogans, “Betfair is coming to New Jersey’ and ‘ Secure legal online casino and gaming is coming to New Jersey’ greets all arrivals despite neither Betfair or their rumored land-based partner, The Trump Plaza, officially announcing any firm plans to date.

Betfair have also covered the social media angle with new Facebook and twitter accounts also created for the New Jersey adventure.

Punters Not Happy About Betfair Advertising News

The Racing Post has released details of a new partnership between Betfair and Channel 4 that has angered punters.

It’s believed the pairing have shook hands on a deal to show a series of Betfair adverts throughout the 90-days of racing coverage that Channel 4 possesses.

The betting exchange will be showing a split screen 30-sec ad spot, a 30-second ad in the Morning Line and from April to December 2014, the live odds ad during the afternoon break.

Betfair’s brand director Mark Ody said: “Betfair remains committed to being as close to the sporting action as possible – part of the thrill of live sport; Channel 4 Racing is the latest, perfect addition to our advertising and sponsorship portfolio which includes Sky Sport, At the Races, Talksport and more.”

The racing punters, who would remarkably prefer to watch the racing than an advert, did not match Ody’s enthusiasm about the thrill of live sport.

“I stopped watching once it became a flood of inane adverts.” Commented one punter.

“More distractions from the racing, we only get to see the horses when they are at the post, or the experts pick out a select half dozen that walked around the paddock while we had to watch the adverts,” complained another.

“This is just going to add to the pain-in-the-neck endless repetitions we now have of the PP and WH ads,” Said one more.

Well I guess you can’t please everyone.


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