Affiliates of Full Tilt Poker To Receive a Portion of Funds After GCG Change of Heart

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affiliates-of-full-tilt-poker-to-receive-a-portion-of-fundsAffiliates of Full Tilt Poker (FTP) are now eligible to apply for the portion of their account that was earned playing poker in a change of heart by the Garden City Group (GCG).

When a leaked e-mail surfaced on the desk of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) detailing plans to disallow affiliates from applying from FTP funds retained by the Department of Justice (DOJ), there was panic in the poker community.

Fortunately, the leaked e-mail seems to have served an important purpose, as feedback from the outcry seems to have been taken on board by the GCG, after news of a climb down has been reported through the poker news outlets.

This is the announcement taken from the Full Tilt Poker Claims Administration website.

“It has been determined that Affiliates of Full Tilt Poker (“FTP”) will be able to submit Petitions for Remission to recover the portion of their account balances that does not relate to their Affiliate status. Affiliate accounts have been flagged as such because the player signed up with FTP as an Affiliate. If you are an Affiliate, you will be able to submit a Petition for the portion of your account balance that relates to poker transactions, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. GCG is in the process of receiving updated data from FTP concerning Affiliates’ accounts. Once GCG receives and completes its review of the data, we will email all Affiliates of record to provide instructions for the Petition process and provide login credentials for online filing. You will then have 30 days to submit a Petition. The filing process for Affiliates will not delay the processing or payment of other Petitions for Remission.”

The leaked e-mail also stipulated that former Full Tilt employees and players were also unable to apply under the remission process, and there has still been no official word on this from the GCG.

The rest of the poker community have until Nov 16th to apply, and at the time of writing over 1.4m e-mails had been sent to players asking for their petitions to be returned with only 2% of those poked have returned their paperwork.

A Million Up For Grabs in MTOPS

This weeks sees the start of the Micro Turbo Online Poker Series (MTOPS) on FTP, where there will be over a million dollars doled out in prizes.

The 15-day event will contain 75-different events with the piece de resistance being the $500k guaranteed main event scheduled to take place on Sunday 27th October. The entry fee is $14+1 and players are allowed to re-enter a total of eight times.

A full schedule of events can be found here.


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