Online gambler nets huge Bitcoin winnings on

nTrust CEO Pokes Holes in Bitcoin Hype

ntrust-ceo-pokes-holes-in-bitcoin-hype-thumb-sideHe may know something a lot of us don’t, but you can’t shrug off the success an online gambler has had wagering Bitcoins in a European-based cybercasino called

According to The Daily Dot, the man, who goes by the online handle “Nakowa”, has been raking in Bitcoins at a feverish rate, winning as much as 11,000 Bitcoins in just one weekend at Just-Dice. That’s the equivalent of around $1.3 million based on current conversions. Nakowa’s run didn’t come easy a recorded video of the wishes’ public bet log showed Nakowa lose as much as $111,000 before going on a remarkable run that soon turned around in a big way for the gambler.

We took a little visit to and it showed a pretty straight-forward betting site that offers a set of dice games that players can play using Bitcoins. The interface is a little simple and pretty functional, making it easy for gamblers to place their bets without too much complications.

The site also has a 1 percent edge, a huge factor that has attracted a lot of gamblers to the site. Since it was launched in June, 135,000 Bitcoins (a little under $17 million) have been invested into the site. Even more staggering is the amount of Bitcoins that have been wagered since it went live: 1,300,389 million Bitcoins (around $160 million), of which 429,600 Bitcoins ($53 million) were wagered in just its first month of operation. also has another unique feature, which allows investors to put money into the site for other players to play against with the investor getting to keep whatever profits or losses the site makes using their bitcoins. The site’s popularity is growing, and as one online gambler seems to have found out in just one weekend of gambling, it offers a more than fair chance for players to grow their Bitcoins.