Sports Betting Experts Using ClickBank to Promote Their Systems

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Sports Betting Experts Using ClickBank to Promote Their SystemsThere are billions of dollars to be made each year through sales on the web and there are a number of sports betting experts using ClickBank to promote their systems.

ClickBank is one of the largest and oldest affiliate networks in the world, particularly popular with small merchants, perhaps due to the low, one time activation fee.  Founded in 1998, ClickBank’s database includes over 50,000 products and over 100,000 affiliates who want to promote those products.

The beauty of an affiliate network such as ClickBank is that merchants who want to sell their products online, for example, a sports betting expert that wants to sell their picks or winning systems at gambling, can do so simply and for a low cost.

Those who want to sell simply register with ClickBank, pay the fee, list their product and affiliates who are signed up with the ClickBank network can choose that product and sell it to their audience for a fixed revenue share.

It’s the simplicity that’s so appealing to the online sellers, simplicity for actual payment and the ease of enabling repeat sales over time, especially with subscription based products. is an example of a sports betting tipping service that sells and promotes its product through affiliates using ClickBank. Darren Moore of Tipster Warehouse gave his top three reasons why a number of sports betting experts use ClickBank to sell and promote their betting systems:

  • “It allows us to accept payments from a range of credit cards and PayPal without the need for a merchant account all from one order form.
  • Most online affiliates are used to working with ClickBank and we therefore wanted to ensure we were attractive to the widest collection of affiliates.
  • Analytics – With ClickBank, they can analyze how each page is converting for us – Something very important in the world of online selling”.

Smaller merchants such as Tipster Warehouse appreciate from the service that ClickBank provides is that the whole selling process operates smoothly behind the scenes.

Moore explained, “Once it’s set up, it’s all pretty automated. [ClickBank] send people from the order form through to the sign up form on our website making the whole process pretty straightforward. They deal with all the payments, any issues with sign ups and refund requests”.

However, Lou from was quick to point out his dissatisfaction with the service the ClickBank provides, particularly when it comes to high processing fees and refund requests.

“Their terms actually encourage customer chargebacks and refunds.  Then, ClickBank will go and pass the blame, holding their sellers accountable for these same chargebacks & refunds (which were a result of their terms in the first place)”, he says. 

ClickBank does warn sellers that refunds can be requested up to 60 days after purchase and advises that if too many refunds are processed that perhaps the seller should look into making changes to their product…or maybe the better answer is yanking their product off of the ClickBank system.

Whatever the answer is, there are a number of affiliate networks to choose from so if you’ve had a bad experience with one, no harm in moving to another.  What’s great about these affiliate networks is a quick and dirty automated process for making some money and is no harm in that either.


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