Meet the Pioneers of Online Gaming: The Next Generation of Online Casinos Leaves Cash-Only Gamers Behind

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meet-the-pioneers-of-online-gamingWhen it comes to online gaming, offering security and anonymity above all else appeals to users around the world, which is why up and coming online casinos are accepting bitcoin. There’s no sign-in required, simply enter your deposit address, deposit some bitcoin, and start playing instantly! BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network has aggressively taken control of this new market. After just a short time online, BetCoin ™ games have dominated this list of the top online bitcoin gambling sites, breezing past former heavyweight contenders such as Satoshi Dice.

BetCoin ™ has shown the world that innovation comes easy when you put yourself in the player’s shoes. “The best thing you can offer someone is confidence,” says BetCoin ™ Entertainment’s CTO. “We tried for months to find a way to compromise our system before going live with it; bitcoin is simply the best way to gamble online. It’s easy, secure, and our service processes transactions instantly.”

Anonymity is important to many online gamers, and that’s why BetCoin ™ does not even require you to make an account. Simply visit the website, enter a wallet address and start playing the 26 unique, engaging games. However, users do have the option of creating an account to provide options for aliases and participation in monthly giveaways. BetCoin ™ offers the luxury and treatment usually reserved for the whales of high-roller Vegas casinos to all users.

What would a great gaming site be without enormous payouts? BetCoin ™ offers you the highest bitcoin payouts in the world, no questions asked. A mere $15 bet can get you $1 million in tax-free bitcoin payout, instantly making you a millionaire! Even if the site is inaccessible, the betting addresses are always open, so as long as you have them saved, you can play and win big from anywhere in the world.

When it comes to online gaming, bitcoin is the most secure and accessible way to play. And there’s nobody that knows bitcoin gaming better than BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network.


Beau Horton, PR BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network


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