Two Major Gaming Players Split the World’s Bitcoin Transaction Pie

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major-gaming-players-split-bitcoin-transaction-pieBetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network has broken into the tumultuous, Wild West market of online bitcoin gaming with its newest game, BetCoin ™ Dice. Although it wasn’t the first to enter the market, BetCoin ™ Dice capitalized on the technical expertise of it’s team, as well as on the significant financial resources of the investors, to rapidly and dramatically cannibalize a great amount of the market share traditionally associated with the incumbent Satoshi Dice. In this new world of crypto currencies, BetCoin™ Dice proves new heavy-weight players will ferociously trounce their first-generation bitcoin brethren. By simply visiting Blockchain, and observing the list of the recent transactions for a minute or so, it becomes immediately apparent that the BetCoin ™ Dice is moving to dominate the bitcoin gaming industry, having processed almost half a million transactions in the first ten days, and with the amount of winnings paid out to players exceeding 3.5 million dollars (25,000BTC) in the same period.

Experience the ultimate in bitcoin gaming with BetCoin ™ Dice, offering users the highest tax free payouts in the world. BetCoin ™ Dice offers completely tax free mind-blowing payouts of over 30,000 BTC ($3.5 million USD). Even a bet of just $15 can win $1 million, instantly paid to you with negligible transaction fee and no tax! There\’s no need to have an account; enjoy and transfer your winnings anywhere on the globe in total anonymity.

BetCoin ™ Dice brings you the prime bitcoin gaming experience with no sacrifice to simplicity or quality. Simply deposit bitcoin into the betting address, and instantly see your winnings. BetCoin Dice™ is designed to be provably fair, which is achieved by allowing players to ensure that their input and a secret random number that they can verify after the game have determined the gambling round outcome. Chances that the software is rigged are completely eliminated. With monthly public prize draws and new games being added regularly, BetCoin ™ Dice is your personal high-roller Vegas casino, and as long as you\’ve saved the betting addresses, you can play from anywhere, anytime, even if the site is not available.

BetCoin ™ Dice focuses on bringing you the most exciting and highest paying online dice game in the world, with a luxurious feeling as well as gratifyingly smooth functionality. Betting odds range from 97.6535% to 0.0015%, with bets as small as 0.01 BTC ($1.4 USD) winning an astounding 9.99 BTC ($1,400 USD) in one instant, tax free payout. With a live feed and access to leaderboards, competitive betting adds a new element of fun to playing! See why tens of tens of thousands of bets are being placed each day. Gamblers around the world are enjoying the most transparent, anonymous, and efficient online dice game available.

The most important part of your gaming is your privacy and security. BetCoin ™ Dice head developer said that he wanted to make sure of a couple of things: One is that your transactions are totally secure and no one will ever be able to steal your bitcoin. The other is that all of the games are provably fair. He went on to say that he thinks that the coolest part about the site is that while you’re betting you can watch the live feed at what other people are doing. I wanted to make sure that the transactions were showing up fast because I enjoy this idea of competitively betting. With throngs of new players discovering the amazing opportunities BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network ™ has to offer – BetCoin ™ Dice continues to increasingly dominate the blockchain feed.

BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network aims to reinvent bitcoin gaming, making it simple, fun, and secure enough for anyone with bitcoin to enjoy. With barrage of new and exciting projects such as BetCoin™ Circle and BetCoin™ Casino coming online on an almost weekly basis, quickly securing top rankings on Top Bitcoin Sites, BetCoin™ is rapidly moving towards creating the word’s prime bitcoin entertainment portal.


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