Thousands of Jobs Are Now in Jeopardy in the Wake of the Allied Veterans Scandal That Outraged America

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Hundreds of small businesses face closure after government officials have moved swiftly to change legislation, after the recent news that the Allied Veterans Charity in Florida, was used as a front for an illegal gambling operation.

Jobs Are Now in Jeopardy in the Wake of the Allied Veterans Scandal

When it comes to the changing legislation of gambling laws in the United States, the government is always more tortoise than hare. So imagine the surprise on the faces of hundreds of small business owners after Gov. Rick Scott put pen to paper to sign the Internet Cafe Bill, effectively putting thousands of people out of business in a few squiggles of ink.

Scott told reporters: “I just finished signing the Internet Cafe Bill. I think the Senate and the House did the right thing to crack down on illegal gaming; especially, in light of the Allied Veterans multi-state criminal activity. “

Both the Senate, and the House, has moved like grease lightning in the wake of the Allied Veterans scandal that rocked the state, and resulted in the resignation of Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll. The Allied Veterans charity was exposed as a front for an illegal gambling operation that put hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of up to 57 people that have since been arrested. Lt. Gov. Carroll faced no charges.

The law comes into force with immediate effect and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has already erected hundreds of flyers, and posters, warning those operating, or patronizing, will be subject to criminal prosecution. Interestingly, enforcement of the new law will be left to local law-enforcement officials, and if previous bills are anything to go by then confusion is bound to reign supreme.

But there has been an outcry from the people of Florida who believe there are double standards being imposed with casinos and lotteries still allowed to operate within the state. There is also huge support behind the thousands of people who now face unemployment as a result of this rapid ruling.

The Lucky 7’s Cyber Cafe in Tallahassee had a sign on its padlocked doors stating:

‘Thanks to Governor Scott and John Thrasher we are closed down until further notice. 15,000 jobs lost!’

Scott Johnson, for Channel 4 News, spoke to the owner Robin Rukab and this is what she had to say:

“Not one legislator, not one governor in this state, has looked at this scratched their head and thought, ‘Well how can we keep businesses open? How can we keep 15,000 people employed?’ Instead it was a knee-jerk reaction. It’s the fastest move I have ever seen in Tallahassee and it’s wrong.”

So licenses that were awarded by the state are now being withdrawn by the state…and there’s anger why?


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