Playboy Bunnies Girls Turn You 32 Shades of Red; GoldenBoys Are Feeling Gay

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playboy-bunnies-turn-you-32-shades-of-red32Red have pulled off a masterstroke by launching their brand new live casino offering featuring none other than the Playboy Bunnies. The slinky, sexy and shapely serpents of the Hugh Hefner household are spinning people’s balls at 32Red as I type.

Let’s be honest here for a second. Man to man. There’s only one reason that anyone plays on the live section of the online casino. It’s because the women are so freakin hot. Come on! When was the last time you saw a guy in the role of dealer on one of these sites? The girls attract eyeballs, eyeballs lead to pockets and if the guy can keep his hands free for just a few minutes; pockets lead to money.

So if the guys want the girls, then why not give them the very best girls in the world. The Playboy bunny girls have been synonymous with everything hot since the early 1950s. Hugh Hefner – the envy of men all over the world – turned a magazine into one of the biggest sexual franchises the world has ever seen. A franchise that has now moved into the Microgaming powered 32Red casino.

32Red offers Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat in its Live Section of its online casino. This is not the first time that the famous little white fluff has found it’s way into the realm of the online gambling world. Back in 2007, Cryptologic teamed up with the Playboy franchise to launch an online casino, but it shut down in 2010.

It’s been a great few weeks for the advertising arm of 32Red. The sponsors of Swansea City football club had their brand spread throughout Europe after the Jack Army mauled the League Two minnows Bradford City 5 v 0 in the Capital Cup Final at Wembley. Now the launch of the Playboy Bunny Live Casino offering is sure to keep the 32Red slogan in the limelight for a little while longer.

So what next? Here’s what one forum poster said at in reaction to the news.

“What about a little something for us women players…mmmmm maybe some hunky male dealers wearing thongs?”

Well the Chippendales are on standby, but in the meantime there could be males wearing thongs at the Roulette wheel if GoldenBoys have anything to say about it. The Isle of Man based online casino is about to release a new Gay theme on its site in a bid to attract the homosexual casino clientele to their online home.

According to a press release issued through SourceWire GoldenBoysBet are planning to create a series of risque themes of which an homosexual theme may well be their first offering.

The GoldenBoysBet Marketing Manager, Philip, told SourceWire, “We have evolved the look and feel of the site over the past six months and we feel that the new design is far more current and appealing to our customers. As well as a change to the website we decided to add the feature for customers who wanted something different. We therefore added the ability for customers to change the overall look of the site to suit their own tastes. We have tried to provide lots of choice no matter what interests or backgrounds people have. We have included some interesting general themes with great artwork as well as more diverse themes such as Gay. We believe that we are the first online casino to offer such a choice to our customers.”

Sex sells as they say.


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