PPA and DOJ to meet tomorrow; PKR update includes food; GUKPT succumbs to the Deadman

poker newsThe Poker Players Alliance and Department of Justice are to meet this week to discuss the latest developments in the process that will pay back US Full Tilt Poker account holders. Two Plus Two poster Skallagrim, a PPA member, posted on a thread regarding the subject on Saturday. He stated that John Pappas, as well as attorney Marc Zwillinger (who once worked for the DOJ), will represent the PPA at the hearing. From the DOJ side of things there will be “3 or 4” attorneys present and Skallagrim assured posters that he was still following the thread on repayment and that concerns “will be relayed to the DOJ”.

PKR has unveiled a new update that will allow avatars to act even more like real people. You can now order virtual food as well as access tableside “lucky” collectables, perform a number of new chip tricks and there’s also an expanded choice of drinks available. Chief Operating Officer, Leon Walters commented: “Our goal at PKR has always been to deliver an engaging and entertaining experience and with the release of the latest version of our Poker software we’ve expanded on our popular virtual goods product range to take PKR to the next level of immersion.”

Simon Deadman laid waste to his competitors on the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour’s latest event in Blackpool. The £1,000 event, which is the penultimate one of the current season, saw the winner kill off the chances of 173 competitors and receive a total prize of £49,290. Worryingly for the organizers there was a noticeable decline in entrants from last years 262 and it was less than half the 350 that played back in the record-breaking year of 2007. The final nine places paid as follows:

1: Simon Deadman — £49,290

2: Jack Sandford — £34,170

3: Robert Boon — £21,190

4: Lucas Reeves — £12,980

5: Wahid Patel — £9,950

6: Ian Gascoigne — £8,220

7: Bernard Sevilla — £6,490

8: Trevor Reardon — £4,760

9: Susan Cheetham — £3,460