Apple to help Samsung with new ad campaign

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apple vs samsung1A U.K. court has ordered Apple to publish a notice on its website that basically equates to an advert for rival manufacturer Samsung. It follows a ruling on July 9 by a London court that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab didn’t infringe Apple’s trademarks and as such all the grand claims made in the past were false. Further to that, Judge Colin Birss stated that Apple’s U.K. home page should have a notice on its front page for SIX MONTHS stating that Samsung didn’t copy them. The advertisement will also have to appear in newspapers and magazines to make it clear that Samsung didn’t do it.

Apple’s lawyer added to the schoolyard banter by telling the headmaster that it means Apple is effectively publishing an “advertisement” for Samsung and admitted that “no company likes to refer to a rival on its website”. Apple can take heart from the fact that Birss admitted Samsung’s device is “not as cool”, as the iPad so won’t be confused with it. Glad he cleared that one up.

Apple will be appealing against the court hearing meaning it’ll be a while until their new UK advertising campaign is revealed.

Apple is finally carrying through on its threat to render all chargers obsolete by changing the dock connector at the bottom of their devices. The U.S. Patent Office granted Apple a patent for “A power adapter for a peripheral device such as portable electronics device,” according to the Daily Mail. This power adapter is believed to be the iPhone 5’s new connector which will be 19-pins instead of the larger 30-pin connection used by the current incarnation. The new iPhone is expected to land later this year and if you get in line outside your local Apple store in the next few days then you might just, just, get your hands on one.


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