32Red warming to possible U.S. re-entry

32red logo32Red is in talks with U.S. partners as it begins to ready itself when regulation happens. Chief executive Ed Ware told eGR the firm is “more sensitive towards the U.S.” than they’ve been for some time and have had “conversations” with a number of potential partners. Having been in the country until pulling out in 2004 some customers will remember them and this is something Ware believes is an advantage.

“We’re a pretty obvious partner for people from that side of the side of the pond, and are having conversations all the time. For the first time since around 2006 we’re keeping our ears open and actively listening to what’s going on,” Ware said.

Only hours ago Senator Raymond Lesniak seemed to confirm New Jersey will become the first to offer online poker in September. Ware remains cautious over U.S. online gaming, adding: “In the past we’d said we’ll believe it when it happens – even now with the Wire Act clarification and with draft legislation in California we’re not entirely sure how seriously we can take it.”

The firm’s results showed an impressive array of figures for a company that counts on the U.K. for much of its business. Italy is their next port of call when it comes to regulated markets and Wray thinks that allowing slots would be a “game changer” on both sides of the coin.

“It could potentially turn what’s already an interesting project into something more than that,” Wray said, adding that it may end up “helping the government if they want to raise more revenue from the remote gaming fraternity.”

Entering into Germany is another avenue they’ve explored. Wray commented it would make “a lot of sense” but only if the taxation system is one that isn’t over exorbitant.