ICE Totally Gaming to deliver world view with exhibitors from 52 nations represented on the show floor


ICE-totally-gaming-2012-lonThe organisers of ICE Totally Gaming have confirmed that exhibitors from a total of 52 sovereign states are taking stand space at the 2012 event, making it the only truly global business-to-business gaming exhibition on the world circuit.

Outside host nation the UK, Malta tops the international league table of represented countries with 32 exhibitors, followed by the USA(21),Austria(15), Germany(14) and Italy(13).  The top ten is completed by the Netherlands(11), Slovenia(9), Taiwan(9), Sweden(8), and Canada and Gibraltar, both with six representatives.

Matthew Appleby, Marketing Communications Manager at Clarion Events, said: “Not only is ICE Totally Gaming the only exhibition to bring together the online and offline worlds, it is also the only event to boast so many represented countries on the show floor.

“Unlike other events our exhibitors are not drawn from one narrow gaming sector and they’re not from one region.  Instead they embrace every gaming discipline and platform and are drawn from every corner of the globe. From a visitor perspective, this means that when you come to ICE Totally Gaming, you are guaranteed to receive a comprehensive worldview on the latest trends, technologies and gaming solutions in a way that no other gaming exhibition can deliver.  ICE is the only event at which the world of gaming is represented in this way.

“Great exhibitions are dynamic events which leave their visitors inspired.  ICE Totally Gaming, with its seven gaming sectors encompassing betting, bingo, casino, lottery, mobile, online and street, delivers opportunity after opportunity for visitors to see business from every possible gaming perspective. This is why so many regard ICE as being the unmissable gaming event of the year.”

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