GGA–London 2018, BtoBet finalist as best online sports betting supplier. Its sport platform soon to be showcased at ICE Totally Gaming


The technology partner BtoBet is delighted to announce that it is a finalist for the 2018 Global Gaming Awards London, in the category Online Sports Betting Supplier. The success gained in 2017 is going to proceed also into this year for the company which is ready to showcase its advanced Neuron Sports platform at ICE Totally Gaming, booth S1-320 from the 6th to the 8th February.

GGA – LONDON 2018, BTOBET FINALIST AS BEST ONLINE SPORTS BETTING SUPPLIER. ITS SPORT PLATFORM SOON TO BE SHOWCASED AT ICE TOTALLY GAMINGAfter months of deliberation, the finalists in each of the 16 categories have been chosen by a globally recognised Nomination Panel composed of some of the most influential and knowledgeable individuals in this industry. The winners of the 10 finalists in the category will be announced on the eve of ICE Totally Gaming. At ICE, BtoBet will bring its technology, meeting all bookmakers and operators willing to discover how to empower their sports-betting brands and provide the ultimate betting experience to their bettors.

Commenting on the awards, BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried highlighted:

“Throughout the years BtoBet established itself as a pioneer in the Sports betting industry and with this mindset continues to develop its advanced products, always up to date with the contemporary and future technologies. After the Las Vegas awards, we are delighted to have been selected also in the European session of the Global Gaming Awards for the Online Sports Betting Supplier category. Our aim is to help bookmakers tackle the opportunities offered by new and exciting technologies, providing a best-in-class, robust platform that is constantly evolving and improving.  It is a recognition of our cutting-edge platform and for us, as a trusted technology partner in the sports betting industry.”

Focusing on BtoBet’s Neuron Sports platform, Fried added:

“Our multi-awards winner omnichannel sports-betting platform – during 2017 – confirms new promising recognition also in 2018. Neuron Sports is a fully customisable sports betting platform, allowing infinite personalization, ensuring bookmakers and operators will be unique on the market and differentiate themselves from the competition.  It is open to integrate with sportsbooks and games providers, any payment and affiliation system, and is perfectly suited to every regulated market. Neuron Sports generates a detailed report aimed at verifying the profitability for each type of game and for each player, allowing bookmakers to analyze the performance of any given strategy and suggesting modifications or corrections in order to achieve predefined goals. Through sophisticated deployment of Artificial Intelligence technology, it enables bookmakers to set up advanced rules for effective profiling and easy players management, ensuring the possibility of tailored offers to players, automatically.” 

About BtoBet

BtoBet is a multinational company and is part of a group with 20 years of experience in software development in IT, finance, telecommunication, e-commerce and banking, strongly committed to technology and widely investing in technology research and development. The experience gained in these advanced environments, allows BtoBet to be visionary in the iGaming and Sports betting industry with a deep understanding of the requirements of the market, catching changing trends and anticipating bookmakers’ and operators’ needs. BtoBet is a true partner in technology, offering a standalone platform and services for the iGaming and Sports Betting industry. It counts on a very talented, continuously trained development team and day to day management support to clients. BtoBet allows licensees to be unique in the market, by giving them the opportunity to completely personalise their offers for Sports betting and iGaming business, online mobile and retail. BtoBet has technical branches with large ever-growing teams of developers in Skopje, Ohrid, Bitola, Belgrade, Nish, Tirana, and Rome. Malta hosts the commercial and marketing centre. Visit our site on: