Trio accused of Duhamel robbery wait in jail as judge ponders bail

duhamel-accused-bail-hearingThree of the four suspects in the Dec. 21 home invasion, assault and robbery of World Series of Poker 2010 main event champ Jonathan Duhamel will remain in jail as the judge handling the case ponders their applications for bail. Enjoying the hospitality of the Quebec correctional system this weekend are Duhamel’s former girlfriend Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, John Stephan Clark Lemay and Anthony Bourque. A fourth individual, Lemay’s cousin Andre Perron, was charged separately and released on bail pending a court appearance in May.

Quebec Court Judge Pierre Belisle said the seriousness of the charges against the trio – prosecutor Nancy Delorme suggested prison terms of 4-13 years were possible – and the violent nature of the crimes allowed him the discretion to deny bail to the accused. On Thursday, the trio appeared before Belisle to make their case as to why they should be released, but they don’t seem to have been taking the proceedings very seriously. Lemay described himself as an unemployed writer who was working on an 8,000-page novel, but when Delorme inquired as to what he did when not writing, Lemay replied “Drinking and being promiscuous.” (Well played, sir… That reputation should serve you well in those all-male group showers.)

That wasn’t the only randy moment offered up in court. According to prosecutors, months before the robbery, a female acquaintance of Rojas-Latraverse (who can’t be identified by court order) was one-third of an abortive threesome involving Duhamel and Rojas-Latraverse at the same home in Montreal where the robbery took place. Sadly for Duhamel (and voyeuristic types reading this), the threesome never got beyond the kissing stage, because Rojas-Latraverse apparently became angry and argued with the other woman. (Excuse us while we conjure up mental images of a co-ed pillow fight…)

This unnamed female contacted Quebec police two days after the robbery, claiming that Rojas-Latraverse had confided three weeks prior that she wanted to rob Duhamel because he kept so much cash on hand. The mystery woman also claimed to have received text messages from Rojas-Latraverse making veiled references to the robbery the day before it happened. The messages indicated that Rojas-Latraverse’s role in the robbery was to act as driver for Lemay and Borque.

The robbers’ take from Duhamel’s safe included $40k in Canadian $100 bills, 74k in euros, a $10k Rolex watch and Duhamel’s WSOP championship bracelet. The Rolex has since been retrieved, but the bracelet’s whereabouts remain unknown. Duhamel, meanwhile, is down in the Bahamas for the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Even better, he’s currently sitting second in chips at the Super High Roller event behind Galen Hall. Living well is the best revenge…