Mr Green in Sweden’s top 100; ElkY and Velhuis to get it on

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Mr GreenRapidly growing online gaming firm Mr Green has received the esteemed title of Sweden’s Best Gaming Site for the third time in four years. Twenty eleven marks the third time the site has made it onto the list of the country’s 100 best websites in ratings run by Swedish magazine Internetworld. Mikael Pawlo, CEO of Mr Green, added: “We are trying to understand the gaming processes in other types of gaming than ours. We are inspired by sites like Zynga, Dice and foursquare and are trying to import the best features to our niche of the gaming business.”

It’s safe to say they’ve come a long way since the casino masquerading as an ATM debacle and this award just moves to reiterate this point even further.

UFC had its virgin network outing this past weekend and now POKER DOES UFC is set for the off after two esteemed pros agreed to juke it out. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Lex “RasZi” Veldhuis will hit the octagon on November 22nd in Marbella, Spain for five rounds of kickboxing. It came about after “ElkY” drunkenly claimed he could take Velhuis in a fight. Veldhuis has a history in the fight game and has been known to participate in streetfights. “ElkY” is a novice in comparison after taking up kickboxing recently. To remedy this he’s in training with MMA fighter Licon Rodrigues and training four hours ever day.

Velhuis revealed the rules on his blog and they are as follows:

  • Five three-minute rounds
  • Victory is by KO, TKO or submission
  • If both men are standing at the end the bet is void
  • No punches to the back of the head, headbutts, elbows or kicks to the groin
  • If you get counted down three times in a round you lose. This also applies if you get counted down four times in the fight.

Taking up wagers is simple – just contact the book in the hand of Mr Veldhuis via his Twitter page. The fight isn’t live but will be filmed and the video available at a later date.


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