Dead Cert Man loses again; UFC draws biggest MMA audience ever; Tyson unleashes Fury as he pursues Klitschko’s

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Cain Velasquez

Is that Cain or Dead Cert Man?

Dead Cert Man needs a new name after his latest stunt failed after a shock in Saturday night’s brawls. The punter has been in self-imposed embarrassed exile since he was unable to make it 27 straight wins earlier this year. The shell-suited punter emerged at the call of the Pac-Man to lump £30,000 on Manny Pacquiao and Cain Velasquez both prevailing. Needless to say, the 33-year-old won’t be inviting Velasquez over for a pint of bitter anytime soon. Hills spokesperson Graham Sharpe said that “It was a big relief” for the gambling industry firm. The calculator tells us that he’s now a mere £11k ahead. So much for taking the industry to the cleaners for £250k, Track Suit Man. You just wait till Ralph decides to blog about you!

Ultimate Fighting Championship’s first baby-steps onto network TV finished in 64 seconds. That didn’t mean fans and FOX’s “key demographic” of 18-34 year olds didn’t switch TV sets on in their droves. Nielsen Media Research figures show UFC on FOX drew an average of 5.7million viewers during the one-hour of pre-Pacquiao excitement. It became the most watched live hour for MMA ever and eclipses CBS’ offering of EliteXC back in 2008 (4.9million viewers). The only thing this doesn’t do is remedy dead-cert’s sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Junior Dos Santos now holds the title of UFC Heavyweight Championship of the world while at the same time Britain has another boxer coming through looking for a shot at the most talked about world championship in all of fighting – boxing’s world heavyweight title. Tyson Fury floored Canadian challenger Neven Pajkic twice in the third round to add fuel to an already burning fire that the 23-year-old can get to the Klitschko’s in around two years time. Still unbeaten in 17-fights, the man that was named after Mike was knocked down for the first time on Saturday. He and promoter will readily admit there’s still work to do though and it’s refreshing to find a fighter that isn’t all mouth and no trousers like David Haye. If you doubt Fury, just remember that his dad is currently in the slammer for gouging someone’s eye out. Fury will go down with anything but a fight should he face either Klitschko.


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