Another Class Action Lawsuit targets Full Tilt Poker

full tilt poker

full tilt pokerThe LA Times is reporting that another class action lawsuit has been filed against the almost dead Full Tilt Poker this week in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles residents and former Full Tilt Poker regulars, Larry Kennedy who is alleged to be owed $120,000 from FTP and Greg Omotoy is owed another $10. $10? I think I’d just take the loss but the duo is after $900 million in damages.

The new suit contends accused Full Tilt Poker of Fraud, unjust enrichment, “a pattern of racketeering,” “brazen money-laundering” and a lot more.

Omotoy and Kennedy included everyone who was involved with the FTP collapse in the suit, CEO Raymond Bitar, board members and poker pros Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson among others including Ferguson’s lawyer, Jeff Imrich and Rafe Furst, are in the crosshairs.

Solo practitioner from Beverly Hills, Cyrus Sanai is representing the duo in their suit. Sanai is taking a shotgun litigation approach by going after anyone and everyone who might have earned a dime from Full Tilt Poker’s mismanagement.

Full Tilt’s legal counsel Cozen O’Connor could be on the hook for $2 million dollars in legal fees it earned from failed poker company. Part of the suit is claiming that the law firm should disgorge legal fees it received for representing clients involved in an Internet poker operation. The suit makes very similar allegations to the amended federal case against Full Tilt Poker although O’Connor wasn’t named in the original DOJ suit.

If the suit moves forward as a class action through the California courts, it will be another avenue for North American players to try to recoup the hundreds of millions of dollars Full Tilt’s management still owes former players.