Caesars deal shows strength of Asia

Caesars project in China
Caesars project in China
What the Caesars project will look like

When Caesars aren’t praying to the man in the sky that the US government grant their federal online poker wishes (it ain’t coming that soon, Mr Lover-man), it’s likely they’ll rock up in some far flung corner of the globe. The latest corner that Mr Lover Lover has decided needs some Caesars manufactured affection is the Chinese Island of Haina. The company will build a $470million luxury non-gambling industry resort on the island carrying the name Caesars Palace Longmu Bay.

Loveman stated, “The ‘Aha!’ moment for me was the level of demand that exists in rapidly developing countries for high-end hotels like this.

“This is the first step in the development of our Caesars brand in China and India.”

Surely the fact that it’s not including a casino business will mean it’s stunted in a continent that is the fastest growing destination for the gambling industry worldwide? Loveman has that covered.

“Gaming is only legal in a small number of places in the world.

“This brings the Caesars brand to places where gambling is not permitted but where the brand is held in high regard.”

Caesars Palace Longmu Bay is a partnership with Guoxin Longmu Bay Investment Bay Holding Co. The resort will feature golf, a marina, spa, retail and a number of other amenities. An opening is expected by 2014.

The move comes after Caesars already signed a deal to construct a resort in India and continues to show how influential the continent of Asia is becoming. Not only is it home to the country with the world’s largest population, it is the fastest growing global market for both the land-based and online gambling industry with the growth not looking like dissipating anytime soon.

In the meantime, was this what Loveman’s “Aha” moment was like…