Android and Apple increase smart phone share; Samsung top manufacturer; Galaxy S II gets US release date

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Google and AppleUS Smart phone industry figures have shown that Google and Apple are continuing to stomp a mud hole in Research in Motion’s ass. comScore figures for the quarter ended July 2011 show that Android’s share of the smart phone market increased to 41.8% from 36.4%. Apple’s share was up from 26% to 27% as the two giants continued to dominate the market.

It was RIM that suffered.

The firm’s share of the US market dropped from 25.7% to just 21.7% as a number of factors to their toll. Namely, the fact that more handsets are available on Android and the one handset that Apple produces, everyone wants. It should also be taken into account that their app store is, if the opinions of friends are anything to go by, shit. Anyone who remembers Too Cool from the WWF will understand the analogy that RIM is Rikishi whereas Android and Apple are the Grand Master Sexay and Scotty Too Hottie. Just don’t go running over Stone Cold Steve Austin, RIM. It’s NOT advisable and won’t increase your market share.

Samsung led the manufacturers league table and on the same day has announced the launch date for the Galaxy S II in the US. The firm holds 25.5% of the handset market, LG close behind with 20.9%. Google’s recent acquisition, Motorola, has 14.1% wheras Apple is way back with 9.5% of the total mobile handset market.

The Galaxy S II is expected to hit the shelves this month with Sprint beginning sales of the device by September 16 for $199.99, AT&T and T-Mobile also releasing it over the coming weeks. The device is Samsung’s new flagship and one of the best that you can currently get on the Android platform. It even made its way through a number of patent lawsuits from Apple to be in your pocket. That’s code for: buy it now. It might not be there for long!


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