FIFA verging on the ridiculous

Darren Bent 007FIFA released their fabled world rankings earlier today and as usual, anyone with half a brain cell probably won’t have even looked at them. Sepp Blatter’s latest release finds Holland displacing the world champions Spain at the top of the standings. Uruguay probably has more reason to be moaning though. The side, who won the biggest international competition in South America, make it to only fifth position and the corruption-ridden organization could easily stand accused for the side they have placed in fourth.

There is a time every month where the England football team can feel like they are legitimately one of the best sides on the planet. Fabio Capello’s men rose two places and finished up as the fourth best team in the world. So lets get this straight. A team that has won ONE major trophy in the history of the world, have done little of note in over 20 years and haven’t won anything for almost 50 years are counted as the fourth best team in the world. This counts to being another wrong with the world of football and is unlikely to change any time soon.

Blatter did talk of wholesale changes at the governing body of world soccer although we’re sure he didn’t have anything in his head about making a change as far as the rankings are concerned. It’s clearly something that sports bettors could bet on easily and the unpredictability will make it exciting.

The current top ten:

1. Holland (last month: 2nd)
2. Spain (1st)
3. Germany (3rd)
4. England (6th)
5. Uruguay (5th)
6. Brazil (4th)
7. Italy (8th)
8. Portugal (7th)
9. Argentina (10th)
10. Croatia (9th)