King James gets crowned in Taipei

LeBron James Decision

LeBron James DecisionWhen LeBron James steps onto the court outside of the NBA, only bad things can happen to him. Not that he shouldn’t play, but let’s face it, he’s just giving his haters more ammunition.

Case in point…

While coaching at an All-Star game in Taipei, James took the court in the second half to play alongside his team. As CBSSports reports, James threw down a bunch of highlight reel dunks and started blocking shots like he was playing in the NBA.

“I was prepared to coach,” admitted James to reporters after the game. “But, I saw how much fun those kids were having out there and I wanted to join them and be a part of the whole experience.”- CBSSports.

Despite all of The King’s highlights, the one highlight that everyone will remember was when James had his pocket picked by an opponent. The opponent raced down the court and James tried one of his patented chase- down blocks.
Instead of making a highlight reel block, James became part of the highlight when his opponent rose up and threw down a two handed dunk.

The NBA might want to take a page from Taipei’s showmanship; when James got partially dunked on by the Taiwanese player, smoke shot out from the basketball hoop into the air in dramatic fashion.

You have to see it to believe it.

That kid has a highlight to show forever!