Harry Demetriou having fun with the AGCC

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Harry Demetriou AGCCAfter storming out of Monday’s Full Tilt Poker (FTP) hearing with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) on their position in the online poker business, Harry Demetriou has directed his ire at the regulatory group. The poker pro posted a letter that he sent to the AGCC on the Hendon Mob forum and it read as follows:

Dear Sirs

Further to yesterdays hearing in London

Could you please answer me the following question with regard to the 250k license fee that Full Tilt Poker have promised to pay you in the next seven days?

If there is a shortfall of player funds which means Full Tilt Poker cannot pay their players and they haven’t generated any money from any activities for the past four weeks (nor will they do so for the foreseeable future) where is the money coming from to pay their lawyers and your license fee?

It is surely going to cause an even greater shortfall in the funds needing to be paid back to the players at some future date?

As such you are facillitating the theft of further funds from player accounts and are actively taking the proceeds of a crime but I await your answer which will hopefully reassure me.

Can you give an assurance that should players lose money from their accounts at Full Tilt Poker that you will return this money to future administrators to lessen the shortfall in those player account funds?

The reply that came from the AGCC was also posted, which read:

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, Alderney Gambling Control Commission is unable to comment further at this time. Please note that further details will be published on our website when they are available.

The title of the thread was “Having Fun with The Alderney gambling Commission,” and it certainly looks like they got under the skin of Mr Demetriou. It came after the AGCC granted FTP an adjournment to the proceedings until September 15 at the latest. It’s thought this was put in place so that European investors will be moved to make a decision.


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