FIFA finds two guilty of bribery and corruption

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warner bin hammamInvestigations by FIFA’s Ethics Committee have today been completed and to say the results are surprising is an understatement. Just when you thought those accused of bribery had gotten away scot-free FIFA, a special report seen by the Telegraph implicates two of FIFA’s most important figures. Jack Warner resigned from his position earlier on this week amidst the continuing damage that was being done to his already tarnished reputation. The Trinidadian along with Qatari Mohamed Bin Hammam have now been found guilty of corruption and bribery.

The report states, “The comprehensive, convincing and overwhelming evidence permits to conclude prima facie that the accused [Warner] has initiated and arranged a special meeting of the CFU member associations for Mr Bin Hammam.”

Furthermore on the occasion of this meeting, it seems Mr Bin Hammam offered, at least indirectly and under the pledge of secrecy, to each of the member associations an envelope containing USD 40,000.

Fans of England should be out on the street rejoicing right about now as you’d think it would mean the World Cup will be coming to the home of soccer in 2022, no?

Well before you crack out the champagne, it was for the presidential election and not World Cup votes. The fact that Qatar’s head honcho has been accused, you’d think it would mean that FIFA will also investigate the voting for the actual tournament. This is FIFA though and collusion between Spain and Qatar was already dismissed as not being too bad.

The biggest winners amongst this are probably the English media that have been roundly criticized all along for uncovering the bribery and corruption that’s present. Don’t expect an apology from FIFA though guys!


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