Terrell Pryor opts for NFL amidst Buckeye scandal

Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle PryorScandal in college football is nothing new. Scandal in college football is so widespread and so frequent that few people bat an eye when new allegations of NCAA violations arise. The latest school to be under the gun is The Ohio State University and now their QB has jumped ship.

After being one of five Ohio State Buckeyes to be suspended for five games for the upcoming 2011 season, Pryor has announced that he won’t be returning to Ohio State. The question now is, where will Pryor go?

Pryor’s Ohio State stats are sparkling, he has 2,164 rushing yards, 6,177 passing yards, 57 touchdown passes and two BCS bowl game MVP awards. But Pryor also leaves Ohio State in the midst of an NCAA probe and while under suspension for trading autographs and memorabilia for cash and discounted tattoos. It’s been alleged that Pryor was a major reason that coaching legend Jim Tressel was forced into resignation and Pryor himself is still under investigation for some vehicles he had owned or was loaned while he was a Buckeye.

Pryor has reportedly turned down the CFL and is looking towards the NFL, but there isn’t an expert out there that thinks he’s ready to be an NFL QB. Be that as it may, it appears Pryor will attempt his luck at the NFL supplementary Draft.

To get into a supplemental draft, Pryor would have to petition the NFL for entry, but which of the 31 NFL teams would be willing to take a chance on Pryor with his inexperience and the baggage he comes with?

The scouting report on Pryor is that he’s not ready for the NFL, but he is an NFL caliber athlete. This situation is just another opportunity for sportsbooks to get some NFL odds up on whether Terrell Pryor will make the NFL this year.