England gains moral victory as Blatter wins easily

FIFA ballot paperSepp Blatter’s coronation as FIFA president is complete. The irreparable damage might already have been done to the organization’s credibility though. The voting process itself sees candidates walking up to the booth one by one to put a tick in the one box on the ballot paper shown to the left. If you abstain, like England did, they see you and it will mean that you’ll be “black balled” by the rest of FIFA. Obviously this matters little to England.

Today has seen the English FA present their case towards FIFA and will be continually criticized by other members of the FIFA congress. 17 nations, including England, agreed that today’s processional election shouldn’t take place. That meant 172 were not bothered.

The likes of Haiti, Congo, Cyprus, Fiji, Argentina and Spain all attacked the FA and English media that were dubbed “English liars.” These are the same English liars that have contributed towards four high profile officials being suspended and the whole organization being called to task.

One good thing to come from the whole debacle is that the voting process for World Cups has been extended to all members of the congress as opposed to the 24 members of the Executive Committee. It’s all a bit too late though. The next World Cup that can be awarded will be in 2026. So unless Qatar is forced to give up the 2022 World Cup, then it’s set in stone for another 11 years.

The chances of England ever being awarded a World Cup are likely a long way off. It’s a good enough sacrifice if progress is made though. To quote one investigative journalist who has continually been banned from FIFA and shunned by the governing body, Andrew Jennings, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” He and the others haven’t and it sure looks like it could be working.